EPS Consulting Group Ltd is a professional planning and engineering consultancy group. We provide specialist planning and engineering expertise to clients for a variety of projects. We focus on successfully taking our clients through the resource consent, subdivision and land development process through a combination of technical expertise, experience and innovative thinking. The team at EPS Consulting Group Ltd prides themselves in providing customized, creative and cost-effective solutions to all projects requiring planning, engineering and surveying effort. Our assistance can range from all stages of your land development projects. The best way to maximise the potential of your project is by working with experts. We have worked in both local government and private consultancy and have developed a reputation for our practical and honest approach to resource and project management. Our team has significant experience in dealing with a range of complex and sensitive matters. Our area of expertise, founded on our many years of experience, includes:

Our goal is to assist our clients to achieve their property related goals and add value to their projects.